Analytical Study of Variations inDiurnal Maximum Temperatures over Chaklala (Islamabad)

Sadiq N, I Ahmed


Diurnal maximum temperatures, changes from the formerdays and dailydepartures are calculated,analyzed and then dependingupontheir ranges, the changes are classifiedintodifferentcategories for the period 1979to 2008. The study carried outfor Chaklala (Islamabad) regarding summer months i.e. April,May andJune. Frequencies of occurrence and then percentages ofeachcategory for maximum temperature and departure have alsobeenworked out. Percentage numbers of cases in the months where the temperature either continuously falls, ‘Rise’s or does not change for oneand more thanone day havebeen documented separately. Resultsindicatethatincase ofchanges, “Little change” together with“‘Rise’” predominates and accounts for 59%for daily maximum temperatures and 41%fortheir departures.For allsummer months, there isagradualfallinthe percentagefrequencies found as the magnitude of variation of maximum temperature increases. Persistency of daily maximum temperature and departure indicates large variationsin departuresduringallsummer months for defined categories and more for
the ‘Rise’category. The highest persistencyover Chaklalaretain for ‘11 days and above’ spell i.e. 07 events found for ‘Rise’ departure.

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