A Unified Approach to Address Water-Climate Related Issues

Rasul G


Impact of the Climate change will be more pronounced and visible on the water resources as they would send a shock wave to all the socio-economic sectors shattering water, food and energy security. The Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) provides opportunity to involve most of the stakeholders to mitigate and adapt the climate change and variability in a holistic manner at a grass root level. The process incorporates the usable knowledge on past, present and future trends of climate and likely impacts on water resources taking care of risks and vulnerabilities. Risk management is done through low or no-regret investments increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities to the future projected climatic conditions which are gaining confidence due to the continued research. Although it is impossible to halt the changing climate yet the mitigation efforts would secure the future of forthcoming generations on the planet earth. At the same time, there is a need to learn how to live with the changing climate by adapting it. Both mitigation and adaptation should go side-by-side reinforcing each other
reducing the risks and vulnerabilities in a participatory manner.

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