WEATHER IN PAKISTAN (January – March 2003)

Akhlaq Jameel, S. Anzar Ali Jafri


During the northeast monsoon season of 2003, eleven westerly low-pressure waves passed across the country. Winter rains commenced over the entire country about weeks later than the expected date.
The most significant weather spell occurred during the period from 16 to 21 in the month of February 2003. It was the wettest spell during the last three decades. Under the influence of related weather system, heavy to very heavy rains occurred almost at all the places in the northern parts of the country and at an isolated place in southern parts of Sindh. Apart from the above system, two strong weather systems influenced the northern parts of the country during first and last four days of March 2003. Under their influence, heavy to very heavy rains occurred at a number of places in northern parts of the country.
Fogy weather prevailed over Punjab and adjoining areas during a number of days in January and February 2003. In January, fog-phenomenon was the major factor causing disruption in road, train and air traveling activities. Under the influence of thick fog several train and road accidents occurred resulting in many casualties. Schedule of many domestic and international flights were affected due to poor visibility caused by thick fog.

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