Occurrence of Widespread Dust – Followed by Thunderstorm over Qatar on 4 th February 2010 - A Case Study

Monikumar R, P V Revikumar


The study is mainly concentrated to examine the reason for the occurrence of unprecedented widespread dust followed by thunderstorm over Qatar and neighbouring areas of the Middle East on 4th February 2010, which paralyzed normal life affecting road and air traffic. The baroclinic trough over Saudi Arabia flanked by High on the east and the existing low level strong winds, dynamically influenced by the approaching upper level perturbations initiated the KAUS (southerly) dust event over the desert belts of Arabian Peninsula. These dusts
blanketed over Qatar around 0600 UTC. The cold air High over Saudi Arabia at 04/0600 UTC initiated north westerly Shammal which triggered dust event over parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The enhanced convergence due to the synoptic scale forcing of cold air under-running warm moist air triggered some convective activities over Qatar. The synoptic analysis of the event and the concluding remarks regarding the essential parameters to look for foreshadowing the event are brought out in the study.

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