Rainfall Trends in Different Climate Zones of Pakistan

Salma S, M A Shah, S Rehman


In this paper, the study was conducted across the country to assess the rainfall trend in different climate zones of Pakistan over the past three decades. antalya escort For this purpose dataset comprising 30 years for the period 1976 to 2005 were acquired from 30 meteorological observatories from different parts of the country. The whole data was analyzed through Analysis Of Variations (ANOVA) along Dunnett T3 test. The result has shown a decreasing trend (-1.18mm/decade) all over the country, which may be attributed to the presence of drought period during 1998-2001. Stations located in different zones of the country mainly from North, North West, West and Coastal areas respectively show overall significant decreasing trend whereas plain areas and South West of the coun try have been observed with no significant trend. Adverse consequences of the rainfall have already been observed in Pakistan in the form of droughts and super floods which have badly affected human settlements, water management and agriculture sectors.rus escort

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