Connection of Winter Time Precipitation System in and around Nepal with Pacific and Indian Ocean Indices

Sigdel M, L. P. Devkota


In wintertime (December-March), Nepal receives less amount of precipitation compared to
summer. The winter precipitation system in Nepal is linked to the atmospheric variables
associated with western disturbances. Additionally, this study covers larger-scale atmospheric
circulation over the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The winter precipitation variability was found to
be inflated by the westerly circulation passing through western Asia and moist air from the
Arabian Sea. The winter precipitation (dryness) was related with positive (negative) Dipole Mode
Index (DMI) and negative (positive) Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) with comparable
correlations of about 0.4. Both DMI and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of Indian Ocean revealed
that they are in agreement with excess and deficit wintertime precipitation over Nepal.
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