Modeling of Hill Torrent Using HEC Geo-HMS and HEC- HMS Models: A Case Study of Mithawan Watershed

Yasin Z, G. Nabi, S M Randhawa


A hydrological model using HEC Geo-HM and HEC-HMS was created for Mithawan watershed in Punjab province of Pakistan. A watershed model delineated using DEM’s and HEC-Geo HMS was exported into the HEC-HMS model for estimation of run-off. One of the major sources of water is the Hill Torrents which emerges from the mountains and diverted towards Agriculture fields for irrigation. Rain fall run-off model of Mithawan catchment developed using HEC-HMS model at different return periods by using frequency analysis. The 170 Cumecs discharge of Kachhi Canal (passes through catchment of Mithawan) is beneficial for the agriculture of Baluchistan province only if exact estimation is ensured by using different techniques. Result of the study revealed that peak discharge of Mithawan at Darraha was 2238, 2653, 3060 Cumecs at 25, 50 and 100 years return period respectively. It is concluded that this study will be helpful in developing the Agro based community in the Hill torrents affected areas and for the design of cross drainage structures & storage reservoir at different locations. The same methodology has been adopted for other water shed in hill torrent affected areas to save the entire community from the damages of floods as well as to upgrade the living standard of entire humanity.

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