An Investigation on Wind Power Potential of Gharo-Sindh, Pakistan

Qamar Z Chaudhry


This paper investigates the wind power potential of Gharo-Sindh, a coastal station of Pakistan. A special wind tower was installed for this purpose and data was collected for three years from April, 2002 to March, 2005 at 10 meters and 30 meters height. The wind data was extrapolated to 50 meters height by using Power Law. The wind resource at 50 meter yielded an annual mean wind speed of 6.6 m/s and mean wind power density of 360 W/m². At this height 600 KW hypothetical wind turbine can achieve an annual capacity factor of 27% and total annual power production of 1401 MWh which make the area economically viable for establishment of commercial wind farms.

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