An Empirical Microclimate Analysis of the Coastal Urban City and Comparison of Vicinal Urban and Rural Areas with It

Naeem Sadiq, Ijaz Ahmad


This Paper is an innovation of microclimate analysis of Karachi (coastal-urban) accompanying comparison of Hyderabad (urban) and Badin (rural) with it. Temperature along several interrelated tenement meteorological parameters like precipitation, thunderstorm and rainy days, wind, clouds, relative humidity, and sunshine are studied, analyzed and depicted. The study is asserted by characterizing statistical parameters, correlations, different calculations, scatter & dot plots with maintaining HIE, HII, range and trend graphs. Manora station recorded highest values of minimum temperatures, relative humidity and wind speed among all stations. Masroor town experiences the highest amount of precipitation, thunderstorm and rainy days. Hyderabad is leading in sunshine hours possessing heat island effect (HIE) and hence because of heat island intensity (HII) found not only significantly warmer than Badin but more than Karachi also. Rising Trends of ranges between urban and rural area indicates the increasing anthropogenic activity in urban area. Further details of each parameter for every station are incorporated in Paper.

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