An Outbreak of Tornado on March 28, 2001: A Case Study

Nadeem Faisal, Akhlaq Jameel


Pakistan has the history of occurrence of severe weather phenomena in different parts of country - mainly in northern and central parts of country. A tornado occurred at Chak Misran, Bhalwal in Sargodha district on the evening of March 28, 2001 at about 1530 PST. This tornado reaches F2 intensity (120 miles/hour) and caused considerable loss of lives, injuries and destruction across the path of the Tornado. A well marked low pressure area was lying over Northern Areas of the Punjab, as evident on surface level charts of March 28, 2008 from 0000 UTC to 0900 UTC, appreciable pressure gradient existed further north-westwards of he low pressure system. The system was extended upto mid-tropospheric level (500 hpa). There was appreciable incursion of moisture from North Arabian Sea and a cold air was penetrating into North Western parts of the country. Thunderstorms activity has been reported by a number of meteorological observing stations of North Punjab. In this study effort has been made to understand the synoptic feature of this particular event. Suggestions have also been presented to better forecast the tornadoes and its preparedness.

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