WEATHER IN PAKISTAN (April - June 2003)

Akhlaq Jameel, Arif Mahmood, S. Anzar Ali Jafri


During the hot weather season, significant westerly low pressure waves passed across the country. Three strong weather systems influenced the Northern parts of the country during middle and towards the end period of April.  Two other significant weather spells occurred during first four days of May and last five days of June.  Under their influence heavy to very heavy rains and few dust storms in plains occurred at a number of places in Northern parts of the country. An easterly low which was formed over Kutch (India) and adjoining lower Sindh caused rainfall in Southern parts of Sindh on 18 & 19 June.  A number of dust storms also hit the plain areas of the country during May & June.  Severe heat wave/heat wave conditions prevailed over some parts in plains of Northeast Balochistan and Southern parts of Sindh for few days during the month of April and on a number of days in plains of the Punjab, Northeast Balochistan and Sindh during May and June.  Sibbi recorded 52.6° C on 5 June 2003 which is the highest maximum temperature ever recorded in Pakistan since 1931.

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