Impact of Rainfall Frequency during Late Spring Season on Wheat Crop in Major Agricultural Plains of Pakistan

Naheed G., S B Cheema


Pakistan has an agrarian economy and Wheat is a major contributor. Agriculture in Pakistan relies not only on rainfall but also on the water supplied through melting of snow and ice in the northern areas. The interaction between meteorological parameters like rainfall, air temperature etc. and crop’s growth are more pronounced at some particular phonological stages. Different weather parameters are used as an input for the purpose of yield prediction in crop modeling. Wheat is grown almost all over Pakistan in Rabi or winter season. Wheat production determines the food security, which claims three times the area and twice the value added share from the rest of the cash crops; cotton and rice. In the final stages of Wheat (March to May) more or frequent rains impacts negatively. The present study focused at the same myth an analysis has been made for the past years, especially the major agricultural plains. The purpose behind was to help generate a guide line for breeders and for the policy makers as well for better management of wheat crop. For a thorough study two different rainfall frequencies have been worked out; days with rain ≥ 0.1 and ≥ 5.0, mm. The outcome of the study projects that fewer rains produced good yield in the end and vice versa.

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